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License and Collaboration Agreement

License and Collaboration Agreement
9 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2021
License And Collaboration Agreement  
License and Collaboration Agreement

9. License and Collaboration Agreement


Under the New Life Agreement, the Company granted New Life an exclusive license (with the right to sublicense) to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical preparations containing a specific recombinant human interleukin-6, SON-080 (the “Compound”) (such preparations, the “Products”) for the prevention, treatment or palliation of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in humans (the “DPN Field”) in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Cambodia (the “Exclusive Territory”). New Life may exercise the option to expand (1) the field of the exclusive license to include the prevention, treatment or palliation of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in humans (the “CIPN Field”), which option is non-exclusive and will expire on December 31, 2021; and/or (2) the territorial scope of the license to include the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and/or India, which option is exclusive and will also expire on December 31, 2021. If these options are exercised, the terms of the CIPN Field and the territory expansion will be negotiated by the parties.


The Company will retain all rights to manufacture Compounds and Products anywhere in the world. The Company and New Life shall enter into a follow-on supply agreement pursuant to which the Company shall supply to New Life Products for development and commercialization thereof in the DPN Field (and the CIPN Field, if applicable) in the Exclusive Territory on terms to be negotiated by the parties. The Company will also assist in transferring certain preclinical and clinical development know-how that is instrumental in New Life’s ability to benefit from the license.


New Life will bear the cost of, and be responsible for, among other things, conducting clinical studies and additional non-clinical studies and other developmental and regulatory activities for and commercializing Products in the DPN Field (and the CIPN Field, if applicable) in the Exclusive Territory.


New Life paid the Company a $0.5 million non-refundable upfront cash payment in August 2020 upon executing a letter of intent to negotiate a license agreement and a $0.5 million non-refundable upfront cash payment in June 2021 in connection with the execution of the New Life Agreement. New Life is also obligated to pay a non-refundable deferred license fee of an additional $1.0 million at the time of the satisfaction of certain milestones, as well as potential additional milestone payments to the Company of up to $19.0 million subject to the achievement of certain development and commercialization milestones. In addition, during the Royalty Term (as defined below), New Life is obligated to pay the Company tiered double digit royalties ranging from 12% to 30% based on annual net sales of Products in the Exclusive Territory. The “Royalty Term” means, on a Product-by-Product and a country-by-country basis in the Exclusive Territory, the period commencing on the date of the first commercial sale (subject to certain conditions) of such Product in such country in the Exclusive Territory and continuing until New Life ceases commercialization of such Product in the DIPN Field (or CIPN Field, if applicable).


The New Life Agreement will remain in effect on a Product-by-Product, country-by-country basis and will expire upon the expiration of the Royalty Term for the last-to-expire Product in the last-to-expire country, subject to (i) each party’s early termination rights including for material breach or insolvency or bankruptcy of the other party and (ii) the Company’s Buy Back Right and New Life’s Give Back Right (as defined below).


In addition, New Life granted to the Company an exclusive option to buy back the rights granted by the Company to New Life and the Company granted New Life the right to give back the rights with respect to Products in the DPN Field and/or the CIPN Field (if applicable) in one or more countries in the Exclusive Territory on terms to be agreed upon, which options will expire upon the initiation of a Phase III Trial for the applicable Product.



Revenue Recognition


The Company first assessed the New Life Agreement under ASC 808, Collaborative Arrangements (“ASC 808”) to determine whether the New Life Agreement or units of accounts within the New Life Agreement represent a collaborative arrangement based on the risks and rewards and activities of the parties. The Company concluded that New Life represented a customer and applied relevant guidance from ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (“ASC 606”) to evaluate the appropriate accounting under the New Life Agreement. In accordance with this guidance, the Company identified the following obligations under the arrangement: (i) License to develop, market, import, use and commercialize the Product in the Field in the Exclusive Territory (the “License”); and (ii) transfer of know-how and clinical development and regulatory activities (“R&D Activities”). The options to expand the CIPN Field and territory as well as the future supply agreement represent optional purchases, which are accounted for as separate contracts unless they convey a material right to the customer. The Company evaluated these separate contracts and did not identify any material right to be present. The Company determined that License and the R&D services are not distinct from each other and therefore combined these material promises into a single performance obligation.


The Company determined the initial transaction price of the single performance obligation to be $1.0 million, as the future development and commercialization milestones, which represent variable consideration, are subject to constraint at inception. At the end of each subsequent reporting period, the Company will reevaluate the probability of achievement of the future development and commercialization milestones subject to constraint and, if necessary, will adjust its estimate of the overall transaction price. Any such adjustments will be recorded on a cumulative catch-up basis. For the sales-based royalties, the Company will recognize revenue when the related sales occur.


The Company has deferred the entire $1.0 million of transaction price as of June 30, 2021.