The Sonnet FHAB Mechanism of Action

This short video provides a visual explanation of the unique mechanism of action of Sonnet’s FHAB platform.

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Technology Backed by Industry Expertise

Technology Backed by Industry Expertise

Sonnet’s deep knowledge of immune biology is complemented by our extensive drug discovery and development expertise.

A Modular Drug Development Platform

A Modular Drug Development Platform

Our Fully Human Albumin Binding (FHAB) technology is the foundation of a modular, plug-and-play drug development platform with several distinct advantages:

  • Compatibility with many biologic drug classes, including interleukins, growth factors, peptides and vaccines
  • Enhanced pharmacokinetics
  • Targeted, directed activity for tumor selectivity
  • Increased in vivo efficacy
  • Single- or bi-specific mechanisms of action

Platform Overview

Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is naturally present in the bloodstream and is the predominant protein in blood plasma. Albumin accumulates at sites of inflammation, including tumors. Following administration, Sonnet’s FHAB-conjugated therapies bind to and “hitch-hike” on patients’ endogenous HSA for transport to the target tissues.

The FHAB Construct

FHAB utilizes a fully human single chain antibody fragment (scFv) capable of delivering one or two active biologic compounds that are attached using flexible, fully human linker peptides.

FHAB leverages human serum albumin to extend therapeutic half-life (pK) and enhance tumor delivery without the need for concentrated, potentially toxic doses.

FHAB employs a linear, flexible rod construct that binds HSA non-permanently, for better tissue penetration.

Importantly, the Sonnet FHAB is fully human, with a human glycosylation profile and can be easily manufactured in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

A Customizable, Single Domain Antibody Fragment Platform

We are actively leveraging our proprietary platform to develop a pipeline of single- and bi-functional therapies capable of stimulating and/or blocking immune-modulating targets.

About Our Platform

Dedicated to Improving Immunotherapy Response Rates

Our versatile platform has shown to improve the delivery of the active drug(s) to the tumor, as well as to help overcome past challenges with cytokine-based treatments, which are essential for improving immunotherapy response rates.

About Our Strategy

Established Preclinical Proof-of-Concept

Our albumin binding ScFv has demonstrated up to 10x increase in serum half-life and improved tumor penetration, as well as improved antitumor activity as a result of immune-modulating cytokines delivered via Sonnet’s albumin-binding scaffold.

About Our Progress

Research Publications

At Sonnet BioTherapeutics, we offer a selection of publications to provide readers with more information on our current research efforts in immunotherapy.

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