Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Plan of Merger (Details Narrative)

Plan of Merger (Details Narrative) - USD ($)
Oct. 10, 2019
Dec. 31, 2019
Dec. 31, 2018
Common stock, par value   $ 0.0001 $ 0.0001
Warrant exercise price   $ 0.50  
Spin-Off Entity [Member]      
Agreement term, description Chanticleer will issue to the Spin-Off Entity a warrant to purchase that number of shares of Chanticleer Common Stock equal two percent (2%) of the number of shares of issued and outstanding Chanticleer Common Stock of Chanticleer at Closing. The Warrant will be a five-year warrant, will have an exercise price of $0.01 per share and will not be exercisable for 180 days following the Closing. Upon completion of the Merger, Chanticleer will change its name to Sonnet BioTherapeutics Holdings, Inc.    
Warrant term 5 years    
Warrant exercise price $ 0.01    
Merger Consideration [Member]      
Common stock, par value $ 0.0001    
Merger Consideration [Member] | Sonnet Shareholders [Member]      
Equity method investment, ownership percentage 94.00%    
Merger Consideration [Member] | Shareholders of Chanticleer [Member]      
Equity method investment, ownership percentage 6.00%    
Spin-Off [Member]      
Repayments of debt $ 6,000,000